The Safari Collection Sustainability Summary

As 2018 begins we would like to reflect on what we achieved through our Community and Conservation projects. 2017 saw the launch of the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization’s (UNWTO) campaign to highlight the benefits of sustainable tourism. In keeping with this theme, The Safari Collection’s dedicated team spent 2017 trying to fulfil this mission as highlighted in our 2017 Sustainability infographic.

Last year we raised over US$ 500,000 for our sustainability projects with the help of our clients, donors and partners. Our 2017 infographic illustrates what was accomplished and where our energy was allocated. To kick start 2018, The Safari Collection’s office donated US$ 2,830 over the festive season which will fund a weekend of women’s empowerment in Samburu this year. This project will be similar to the innovative Team Talk project we ran at Sasaab in 2017.

Our task for 2018 is to raise the bar and generate more for our Community & Conservation projects. So far, we have various School Projects, Empowerment Programmes, Dental Clinics and Eye Clinics in the diary and look forward to filling it up with more sustainable initiatives. Read more here on our 2017 Achievements.