Jenman African Safaris Responsible Tourism Update

2017 was a successful year for Jenman African Safaris’ foundation, Grow Africa. It was a year of significant growth and the achievement of goals, such as receiving the full amount of donations needed for Project Penya. We are delighted with this successes and look forward to being able to impact further positive change in the areas we operate in.

In order to keep our eyes set on the right goals and to be effective at all times, we decided to redefine our core identity in a way that resonates with our founding principles yet also reflects our growth and evolution.


To develop the Grow Africa Foundation as a self-sustaining foundation that collaborates with local communities and partners to create and support sustainable social and environmental projects.

For Grow Africa to become an inspirational foundation instilling a sense of purpose and pride for Jenman African Safaris and Hideaways, as well as their employees, clients, and partners.


“To be the Bridge between Challenges & Solutions, Good Will & Action”

•       To Grow Awareness – Highlight the challenges and difficulties associated with poverty and conservation.

•       To Grow the Community – Empower local communities and individuals through collaborative support of their sustainable upliftment initiatives.  Creating a sense of purpose & achievement and promoting harmony & inclusiveness.

•       To Grow Conservation – Initiate and support local conservation projects through action, awareness, funding, and education.

•       To Grow the Economy – Hire, train and upskill locals.  Buy locally and support local sustainable business initiatives.