VoyagesAfriq is Africa’s leading provider of tourism news content. It has a dedicated website that provide up-to-date information on the happenings of the industry on the continent and beyond. Its flagship publication, VoyagesAfriq Travel and Tourism magazine provides unparalleled compilation of stories that first targets the industry trade and consumers. The magazine is widely distributed at all major travel and tourism trade shows in Africa and beyond. As UNWTO recognized media, our access to the global tourism body also enables us to distribute to a wide network of national tourism boards, agencies, ministries, hotels, airlines and embassies among many others.

VoyagesAfriq for its work, has been recognized extensively across the continent. Other flagship of the media company is the VA Tourism Podcast which provides platform for pertinent conversations with industry thought leaders, CEOs, managers, business owners, etc.

Activities offered

  • Photography
  • Eco tourism
  • Beach Holidays

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  • Ghana

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  • Ghana

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Kojo Bentum-Williams