We are passionate about providing affordable accommodation and experiences in and around Victoria Falls, without the big price tag.

We offer budget-conscious travellers, mid-priced accommodation, without compromising on comfort, quality or luxury. With a large focus on sustainability and social responsibility, we are actively reducing our carbon footprint, and supporting our local community throughout all aspects of the company.

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Children In the Wilderness

Website http://www.childreninthewilderness.com

Children in the Wilderness is a non-profit organisation supported by ecotourism company Wilderness Safaris, which aims to facilitate sustainable conservation through leadership development and education of children in Africa.

Insight, care and commitment are required to conserve Africa’s pristine wilderness and wildlife areas. If we are to ensure that these places continue to exist – in this generation and those to come – we need the rural children of Africa to understand the importance of conservation and its relevance in their lives. Hence, our Children in the Wilderness programme: is an environmental and life skills educational programme for children, focusing on the next generation of decision-makers; inspiring them to care for their natural heritage and to become the custodians of these areas in the future.

This is achieved in various ways – from hosting Eco-Club programmes at local schools to running camps at Wilderness Safaris and partner camps, for the children within the rural communities that live on the edges of the wild areas of Africa.

Greenline AfricaLogo.png 1
Greenline Africa Trust

Website http://www.greenlineafrica.org/greenlineafrica/

Greenline Africa works with women, youth and children in Victoria Falls and its surrounding rural communities. Projects include education, health, livelihoods, water and sanitation, waste management, human wildlife conflict and biodiversity.

Covid19 continues to affect Africa and funding has been severely impacted, however, we strive to continue serving our communities.

Greenline Africa is a local Trust that aims to:

• To improve the livelihoods of marginalized women through community empowerment projects focusing on income generation and training/capacity building

• To develop skills and create educational opportunities for vulnerable children and youth from marginalized communities

• To advocate for youth and child participation in development initiatives through child rights education and awareness.

• To develop a spirit of volunteerism both locally and internationally

• Biodiversity – protect, conserve, manage and restoration of our natural resources

VFAPU Logo.jpeg
Victoria Falls Anti Poaching Unit

Website http://vfapu.com/

The Victoria Falls Anti-Poaching Unit (VFAPU) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the conservation of our local wildlife and natural resources.

Surrounded by the Victoria Falls National Park, the town of Victoria Falls is located in one of the most beautiful environments on earth, with unspoiled expanses of wilderness, abundant wildlife and spectacular settings, drawing tourists from around the world.

However, the beauty of the location comes with some heavy burdens of human and animal conflict. VFAPU tries to ease some of the burdens by protecting the wildlife and habitat from poacher pressure (subsistence and commercial), as well rescuing and rehabilitating animals injured by human interference. Additionally, we do all we can to train ex-poachers in new skills so they find alternative avenues of revenue creation to give them a sustainable income without doing harm to flora and fauna. Education is also important, and VFAPU and its partners try to reach children at an early age through school and community awareness programs.