Indigo Be Madagascar is a boutique travel company DMC & African Travel Specialist based in Antananarivo, Madagascar, that specializes in luxury, adventure, trekking, honeymoon, bespoken tailor-made or small group experiences...

Since our opening in 2006, we have chosen to work with a focus on sustainable travel and conservation, Indigo Be believes travel can change people at the core. Whether it’s a connection with the wildlife, landscapes, people – your soul is touched. We love this transformational experience for our clients.

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  • Eco tourism
  • Adventure tourism
  • Flying Safaris
  • Trekking
  • Bird Watching
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  • Seychelles
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  • Madagascar

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  • Madagascar

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Mr Jaume Gaxas
Mrs Sylvia Pallarès
Association Akamasoa

Website http://www.perepedro-akamasoa.net/

The Humanitarian Association AKAMASOA has been created in 1989 in order to help poor people of Antananarivo who lived in the garbage dump of Andralanitra and in the streetsof the capital. The association aims to move people out of these inhuman places to live a life with dignity. Since the beginning we are convinced that dignity is strongly linked to 3 things: a roof, a work and education. It was unthinkable that these persons still livingin an indecent place without access to healthcare.

Today, after 26 years of fight, our association AKAMASOA has helped 500 000 Malagasies. 3000 houses have been built and 25000 persons are living in. Each village has schools, dispensary, and work places: quarry, brick laying, carpentry, agriculture, art and craft. 13 000 children are enrolled in school. And in 2004, our association has been recognized Public Utility by the State, what highlights the need of our presence and action within the social work of the Island.

We are proud of our achievements but we also know that is not enough. It is a day-to-day fight: concerning problems of each village or poor people who still asking for the AKAMASOA assistance. In 2015, our reception center counted 43 000 persons who needed a punctual emergency aid: meals, clothes, blankets and soap.

Indeed for a quarter of century we have not seen an improvement of life conditions of the Malagasy population. On the contrary today 9 Malagasies out 10 are living withless than $1, 5 per day: below the poverty line defined by the World Bank. Our fight is more than necessary: we continue, led by past achievements, outraged by the increasing poverty, convinced that we can make it decrease only if we set sustainable and solid structures up:

– Reception Centers receiving street people and giving a punctual emergency aid (meals, clothes, cares)

– Houses for poor families

– Schools for children from nursery to university and also professional training center

– Dispensaries for health cares