Having opened our doors to take tourists to explore and visit Uganda and Rwanda in 2008, we have been organising tailor made trips, adventure holidays and gorilla tracking tours for now over 15 years. With a back ground in tourism, AA Safaris and Tours Ltd has been welcoming tourists in these two landlocked countries. Our trips, start with pick up from the airport to drop off at the airpot ranging from 1 day trips to over 25 days long safaris. Our trips, include but are also not limited to gorilla tracking safaris, adventure holidays, cultural tours, cycling tours, Uganda holidays, Rwanda safaris , car hire services and so much more.

We do not have scheduled tours , and therefore, our trips can start any date and time of the year. Uganda and Rwanda have excellent weather and all activities are possible anytime of the year. However, there are some activities, that have daily minimum numbers like gorilla tracking safaris. So for such activities they are availability is dependent on availability or the necessary entry permits.

All in all, we recommend that you book your trip at-least 3 months in advance, and you will be assured of availability.

All our trips, are organised in 4 wheel drive vehicles which are perfect for the African terrains, and roads. We have experienced guides, who are familiar with every corner of Uganda and Rwanda and are fluent in English. All our guides speak English fluently , however if you need guide, that speak other languages like Fresh, Dutch and Germany , these can be brought on board. All our guides have experience of handling safaris for over 5 years.

We take pride, in the speed at which we respond to your requests, therefore you should be assured of a response within 24 hours of sending us your email.

We have Liability insurance cover to a tune of USD 500000.

Part of our proceeds go back to the local communities, and we take pride in contributing to climate change adaptation and mitigation plans. We limit our carbon emissions as much as possible and we also offset by contributing to climate change programs in Uganda with one of the best Non government organisations on climate change issues in Uganda. We also offer education scholarships to some orphans, contributing to address sustainable development goal 1. ( Reducing Poverty)

With the above info, we hope that you can trust to take you explore Uganda and Rwanda, as we contribute to poverty reduction in the world.

Activities offered

  • Fishing
  • Overland
  • Mountain Climbing
  • Accommodation
  • Ballooning
  • Mobile Safaris
  • Self-Drive Holidays
  • Riding Safaris
  • Guided flying safaris
  • Photography
  • Walking Safaris
  • Air Charters
  • Safaris - Fixed Camp
  • Cultural activities
  • Trekking
  • Canoeing
  • Retail
  • Bird Watching
  • Beach Holidays

Where we operate

  • Uganda
  • Rwanda

Where we’re based

  • Uganda
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