We Are Africa 07 – 10 October 2021

October 7th - 10th 2021

We Are Africa 2021 - aka 'The Recovery Edition' - plays a major role in the wider recovery of African travel and the rebuilding of your individual business.​

Taking place at Cape Town Stadium from 07 to 10 October, We Are Africa is the worlds most vibrant gathering of luxury African travel brands, the finest buyers and top international press. With a shared mission to transform and rebrand African travel for the global luxury market, the We Are Africa Tribe celebrate the continents diversity, unsurpassed beauty and incredible opportunity.


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We Are Africa 07 – 10 October 2021


Africa often feels like tourism’s best-kept secret. Despite being the world’s second-largest continent, overflowing with incredible assets including iconic wildlife, cutting-edge culture, and award-winning luxury hotels, Africa has yet to emerge on the international scene as a serious contender.

Unbelievably, it represents less than 5% of tourism arrivals and has the second-lowest tourism growth of all regions. Equally as troubling is the outsider’s tendency to paint Africa with broad, reductive brushstrokes, polarised as either a place of war, famine and disease, or else as ‘the safari country’.

We Are Africa’s vision is to unlock Africa from these tired old tropes, projecting a more modern and dynamic image outwards and bringing a plethora of new business in. In cooperation with the continent’s best travel brands, we are dedicated to telling the many stories of Africa’s diverse countries and people.

Our annual event in Cape Town is the culmination of this vision, giving key international buyers and press the opportunity to encounter the most extraordinary experiences Africa has to offer alongside a conference, awards ceremony, and networking events. Our exclusively African travel marketplace is also the ideal complimentary marketing solution to PURE Life Experiences, which is tailored to private travel designers interested in all seven continents.


In many ways, Cape Town is a metaphor for modern Africa. Combining breathtaking natural landscapes, pristine beaches, culinary creativity and vibrant arts and culture, the Mother City forms a natural meeting point to celebrate Africa’s diversity.

We Are Africa takes place in the unconventional setting of Cape Town Stadium, a five-minute walk from the Waterfront. We aspire to do things differently on our show floor, which has previously featured pitchside ice cream vans, several gastronomic bars and a lunch market.


We Are Africa sits as part of This is Beyond Ltd‘s portfolio of events dedicated to creating genre-defining marketplaces for the high-end travel market. The masterminds behind PURE Life ExperiencesLE Miami and Conservation Lab, our founders Serge & Sarah believe in building passionate communities and dynamic forums where travel innovation and artistry are discussed and celebrated.