ATTA® Webinar - Immerse into Kenya through the lens of SKYIN

This is an online only event/webinar
February 10th 2022

Experience an inspiring webinar hosted by the founder, Skyler Mason, on his story behind offering the most immersive excursions across Kenya, through the lens of SKYIN!

Having grown up living amongst local tribes and communities, experience his passion as he shares childhood memories exploring Kenya with the exclusive guidance of his local host families. The mission of SKYIN strives to giveback by creating sustainable jobs and opportunities for the local communities and surrounding villages while connecting travelers directly to the foundation of Kenya’s authentic culture and wildlife. Offer your clients an exclusive experience, guided off the beaten path of a typical tourist! 

Immerse into indigenous tribal villages, safari Kenya's National Parks, embrace a suburban homestay experience, inspire future leaders at local schools, sail the Indian Ocean, shop vibrant street markets, visit wildlife conservancies, and so much more–all guided by their highly vetted local host families. 

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This is an online only event/webinar

ATTA® Webinar - Immerse into Kenya through the lens of SKYIN
Skyler Mason Founder & CEO



Grew up living in between Colorado, USA and Kenya. Attended San Diego State University for college studying business. Am a big traveler myself advocating for experiential, authentic, and sustainable travel.

Left my family business to follow my passion on creating my own unique travel company that provides opportunity and impact all around. Am a very extroverted individual, love meeting new people, very active and athletic, food junkie, Jewish but consider myself more spiritual, and have a rich desire to help others.