Solo Membership Application

As the tourism industry evolves, so do we.  Launched in 2020, the Solo Membership is an additional category that will attract a new and diverse type of ATTA professional. 

ATTA® has always, and will always be, a membership driven community and we look forward to welcoming those that work independently in our industry. ATTA is not only here to provide a platform for Africa Travel & Tourism professionals,  but also to introduce professional services with experience of working within Africa to the platform. By working together, we can grow our respective businesses, no matter the size of your company or if you are between roles.


Access to ATTA® member benefits including:

  • OUR NETWORK - Providing access to a "who’s who" within the ATTA® membership, strengthening your network and / or product reach
  • NEWS - Member News Distribution in the daily ATTA® newswire direct to all members and in a weekly digest to press contacts and out via our reps in China, Europe and Latin America.
  • LOGO - ATTA® is a highly regarded professional Association, providing assurance to those in the trade that you operate in a legal and professional manner
  • ONLINE COMMUNITY - Daily private, members-only, networking through The Waterhole: This is THE spot to congregate, discuss the market, unearth opportunities, clarify questions, hear latest news, reach out to new contacts or simply keep in touch with long standing friends and colleagues. 
  • NETWORKING - Networking at key trade shows and other networking events throughout the year around the world.
  • EXPOSURE - A listing on the ATTA® Website giving valuable exposure of your product which includes hyperlinks to your own website, photos, social media links & categorisation opportunities. Access to ATTA® webinars and Q&A’s either as a host to showcase your products or to attend and learn about other members products. Access to the ATTA® Job Board to post your vacancies
  • 20 MINUTES WITH: Members Only '20 Minutes With...' Q&A Sessions. This removes all the waffle and gets to the heart of a subject, with a deadline! Host or join a Q&A session with professional services providers (such as insurance companies) or one of our members on topics that are hot discussion points. Reach out to us if you would like to host a topic!   

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From 01 October 2021 to 30 September 2022  

Solo Membership

Once Off Joining Fee  £ 40.00 
Annual Membership Fee  £ 205.00 

Instalment Payment Option (Direct Debit Only)

Quarterly  £ 58.00 
Monthly  £ 20.00 

Please note that instalment payments are only available for transactions processed via Direct Debit or on an automated Credit Card Charge.

Fees are charged pro-rata, calculated on the number of remaining months in the financial year and 20% VAT is applicable to all members domiciled in the UK.


Simply complete the form below. Applications must be supported by two ATTA® members and a letter of reference from someone in the Africa & Tourism Industry that you have worked with (does not have to be an ATTA®). Please note, the letter of reference cannot be from one of your ATTA® member proposers.  

We look forward to welcoming you on board!


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Please highlight any associations you hold that are relevant to African Travel & Tourism. For example, member of the RGS (or a local travel society), Member of the society of professional jourlinsts, professional guiding qualifications etc)
Please upload a reference from a professional in the African Travel & Tourism Industry you have previously worked with (does not have to be an ATTA® member & is NOT one of your proposers).
Payment Options
Quarterly and Monthly payments must be processed via Direct Debit / Credit Card only