17 Mar 2023

Come and join Yellow Zebra!

We’re building something special at Yellow Zebra, something unique. We want the most passionate people fresh into the industry as well as the most experienced specialists to join us for the ride! 

Yellow Zebra - the background!

Over the last decade Yellow Zebra has been one of the industry's fastest growing safari companies. Award winning and with a team recognised as one of the best in the business, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading safari companies in the UK.

In early 2021 YZ merged with Wilderness Safaris. Now known simply as ‘Wilderness’, they own over 50 properties across Africa, including a number of the continent's most famous properties. They are well respected as one of the true pioneers of safari tourism and today are the largest conservation and hospitality company on the planet. 

We run Yellow Zebra from our offices here in Kingston, London. We also run the direct tour operating arm of Wilderness from the same office. For both arms of the business we are looking to build a team of like-minded, genuine experts. The key is you share our vision and have a serious passion for safaris as a whole. Designing the very best safaris Africa can provide is what we do here!

We have a large database of experienced safari hands as well as well travelled wealthy clients who are looking for the very best trips. Private helicopters and privately guided trips are common and are a company focus for the future. If you have a good ‘black book’ of how to book safaris then that knowledge is key for our top specialists.

The positions we have available:

We have a number of sales positions available within Yellow Zebra and also the direct arm of Wilderness. We’d like to stress that we are looking for sales specialists at all levels of experience and encourage anyone to get in touch to discuss how you could fit in with our plans. It should also be mentioned that our search for new staff does not stop at sales and we would like to hear from anyone in the industry who believes they can be an asset to our company.

The key to our success has always been our team. We invest significantly in our safari specialists, guaranteeing them at least one trip to Africa every year. The trips are the best educationals in the industry and we encourage our staff to travel with family and friends. Our sales approach is based around genuine expertise, and to design trips that we would go on ourselves. We remain fiercely independent and our goal is to offer the best travel advice to our clients. Our in-house training is thorough and results in our specialists becoming highly skilled cross-country experts.  Wilderness has invested heavily in its tech, to make quoting and working much easier than before. 

Work environment and salaries etc:

Base salaries at all levels are very strong - starting at £30K - whilst our sales incentive structure sees earning potential as good as any company we know. Lead specialists can expect to at least double their base salary. The specific package will be negotiated considering each candidate's experience and expertise. 

The complete package, including everything from holiday entitlement, maternity and paternity cover to pension contribution, fam trips and company perks is the best in the industry. We work on what we offer regularly, and want to be known as the company looking after its staff the best.

The office is based in Kingston-upon-Thames in the UK, but we are presently evolving into a hybrid model - office days and working from home, with generally greater flexibility. Approximately 40% of time in the office is currently expected especially when you start; learning the systems and soaking up the knowledge that flies around this office is so important when you start. 

The office itself is open-plan with music playing in the background and Directors and Managers interlaced between new starters etc. We offer staff parties and monthly social events; everyone joins in but nobody has to! The core interest of the owners has always been to look after their staff, which includes providing a fantastic working environment and spoiling them when we get the chance. Kingston, only ten minutes drive from Richmond and with good trains to Waterloo quickly, is located on a wonderful section of the Thames. There is no lack of green here either; three royal parks surround us.

We are laying the foundations for something very special and want the very best team to get stuck in and achieve it. 

We work hard here, because we love it…and we get rewarded for it.

And what’s it really like working for Wilderness?! 

It has been an amazing two years. First off, Wilderness is a company that genuinely cares about its staff. We simply could not have looked after our staff at YZ in the same way without Wilderness’ support. The merger also means we are part of a company that’s genuinely making a difference at ground level, to the delicate habitats and the communities we work with. It’s something that’s tangible when working here and something we take a real sense of pride in. If you want to be part of that bigger picture, to join a company that has grand plans and the financial backing to carry them through then we may well be the company you’re looking for. 

And we mean what we say when we love to remain fiercely independent. We are aiming to create something not seen before in the industry. 

Please get in touch for more information. If you don’t have a CV don’t worry, just send a paragraph introducing yourself and your experience….or lack of!

We can’t stress enough that we’re looking for the right people and not necessarily the most experienced candidates etc.

We simply want the very best team to join us for the ride.

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