“We need to act now”: Finn Partners launches global sustainable tourism consultancy at WTTC Global Summit

One of the world’s top marketing and communication companies Finn Partners, has announced its intention to face environmental concerns and address sustainability issues head-on with the launch of its new ‘global responsible tourism consultancy’.

Unveiled at the WTTC Global Summit, in Buenos Aires on Thursday, the company gave a presentation outlining how the new consultancy service will ‘provide strategic guidance and viable solutions to support the global travel industry’s urgent need to develop a robust sustainable tourism strategy.’

Global tourism advisor Fiona Jeffery OBE (Atta Industry Relations Director), who also sits on the UN World Ethics Committee for Tourism among other roles, commented on the new consultancy service: “I’m very excited to be working with Finn Partners on the launch and development of this consultancy service globally.

“I feel we can add serious value to those businesses who are prepared to stand out from the crowd, put their heads above the parapet and help improve standards across our industry.

Jeffery went on to say: “If we don’t protect our natural environment now and support local communities to thrive, the travel industry will have a damaged and fragmented product and a significantly less attractive and authentic offering to sell to its customers. We need to act now to protect our planet, its people, our places and the industry.”

Indeed, Finn’s UK division, Brighter Group – specifically purchased by Finn in January 2018, as part of a targeted play to establish a London office – has already worked on responsible tourism themed projects with a number of clients including a feasibility research study for Belize and Jordan.

The agency now hopes to attract customers worldwide to provide a wide range of services to support the clients’ responsible tourism requirements.

The agency’s London based office was the first UK PR and marketing group to set up a dedicated responsible tourism practice in 2017. Trudi Pearce MSc, partner responsible for tourism at Finn Partners UK will develop the new global consultancy service working with Fiona Jeffery OBE to provide solutions to tackle specific issues at all stages of the client’s ‘road map to sustainability’.

Source: Travel Daily Media