Cape Town’s Water Crisis – Are your clients in the know?

Having just returned from Cape Town, the severity of the drought that is gripping not only the city but the Western Cape as a whole really hits home. The City of Cape Town and local media are doing a fantastic job at ensuring locals are doing their bit in saving water however there still appears to be lack of awareness around travellers visiting Cape Town.

Local airlines flying into Cape Town are making announcements regarding the severity of the drought prior to landing in the Mother City and the same can be said for some (but not all) international carriers however this can often be the first that many tourists hear of the situation and with some swimming pools being closed as a result this could come as unwelcome news to some guests.

The City of Cape Town is currently aiming to get consumption down to 87 litres per person per day and with the peak visitor season rapidly approaching in Cape Town it is vital that this information is communicated to every visitor to the city. For this the City of Cape Town has created #SaveLikeaLocal with 10 tips:

  1. Check what water saving measures your accommodation has in place
  2. Re-Use your towels instead of having a fresh one each day
  3. Flush the toilet as little as possible – Each flush uses between 6 and 14 litres
  4. Don’t let the taps run while brushing teeth
  5. Limit your shower to 2 minutes and don’t use the bath (even ask for a bucket to collect the water and use this to flush the toilet)
  6. Report leaking taps & toilets immediately
  7. Avoid washing clothes till you have a full load, or just bring your washing home with you!
  8. Take a dip in the ocean instead of the pool (That’s if the pool is still open)
  9. Use a dishwasher to clean dishes but only run it when it’s full
  10. Check the online calculator here to see how much water you are using

Also, have a look at the poster created by WESGRO and the City of Cape Town which is available here

Are your clients and guests going to #SaveLikeaLocal when they visit Cape Town?

Save Like a Local