UK Minister for Africa in Kenya

Minister for Africa makes first official visit to Kenya to attend the inauguration of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

Minister for Africa Rory Stewart visited Kenya from 27-28 November to attend the inauguration of President Uhuru Kenyatta. This was Mr Stewart’s first official visit to the country. The Minister attended the inauguration ceremony and the official inauguration luncheon on 28 November. In the afternoon, Mr Stewart met with President Kenyatta and passed on a message of congratulations from Prime Minister Theresa May, alongside an invitation to the Commonwealth Summit in London next year.

During productive discussions, President Kenyatta and Mr Stewart discussed the future of the wide-ranging partnership shared by the UK and Kenya. The Minister welcomed the President’s commitment to national unity, and made clear his hope that Kenya will now come together in the spirit of reconciliation, after a difficult election period.

Speaking at the end of the visit, Mr Stewart said:

I am pleased that I was able to visit Kenya and attend President Kenyatta’s inauguration. This marks the moment where Kenya can move forward after a prolonged, divisive election period in a new spirit of reconciliation. I hope that all Kenyans will recognise the need now for national dialogue and healing.

The UK has extensive and historic links with Kenya, through our business links, our development programmes, and our diasporas. This has been an opportunity to reaffirm our partnership and hear more about the ways that our two countries can work together.