Rwanda again takes the lead in making it easier to visit the country

Changes to Rwanda’s Immigration Rules Aimed to Draw in More Visitors

While traveling through Kigali International Airport was it learned that changes to the country’s immigration rules were imminent, subsequently confirmed when receiving the details these changes are about to bring for visitors to the Land of a Thousand Hills.

Some years ago had Rwanda already defied the common trend of many other African countries which make entry by African citizens almost as difficult as one can do, when Rwanda declared that all citizens of AU member countries would qualify for Visa on arrival instead of having to apply in advance.

The latest changes to the immigration rules now widen this scope and as national airline RwandAir continues to bring every more transit passengers through Kigali after launching intercontinental flights earlier this year to Mumbai, London and Brussels, can passengers now opt for a stayover in Kigali as immigration rules are further relaxed.

Details on the changes which took effect yesterday, are outline in a letter here.

Source: ATC News