Harare airport renamed: Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport

Harare International Airport is set to be renamed Robert Gabriel Mugabe International Airport at a colorful event to be held on site starting this morning.

Zimbabwe Transport and Infrastructure Development Minister Dr. Joram Gumbo confirmed that the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) had recently approved the renaming process since it is a requirement, as all international airports have codes which have to be globally updated. After the renaming, the airport will have its code updated under the new name internationally.

To match the stature of the man His Excellency is, Dr. Gumbo says the ministry will undertake some renovations of the airport. Also, the Ministry is embarking on an aviation development plan and Dr. Gumbo says he shall be sharing the plan with other colleagues in government.

President Mugabe said: “May I on behalf of government, the people of Zimbabwe, and my own behalf, thank most sincerely the Ministry of Transport for the honor bestowed in me by renaming the Harare International Airport to Robert Mugabe International Airport.

“My government recognizes that air transport is pivotal to economic growth. While transport in general facilitates the movement of goods and people in general, air transport promotes tourism and investment. It promotes international trade.”

Source: eTN