Diplomats to Scale Mount Kilimanjaro

EIGHT ambassadors representing Tanzania abroad will climb Mt Kilimanjaro today to experience the challenge of scaling the highest roof of Africa and promote tourism in their places of work.

The Tanzania Tourist Board (TTB) Principal Public Relations Officer, Geofrey Tengeneza, told reporters here that the board had organised the expedition to enhance the capacity of the envoys and broaden their scope in promoting tourist attractions where they work.

He said eight ambassadors would be joined by Algeria's Ambassador to Qatar, Abdelaziz Sebaa in the expedition. "Preparations have been completed and we expect the envoys and TTB staff as well as an officer from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and East African Cooperation will climb the mountain today," he said.

They would come across many attractions while climbing the mountain which will give them much to talk about when promoting tourist attractions in Tanzania, he said.

The idea is for them to be able to promote Tanzania as a leading tourist destination with unique attractions, he said, adding through the climbing expedition, the envoys would implement the economic diplomacy through advertising tourist attractions abroad.

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Source: allAfrica