Cresta Hotels in Major Upgrade

Cresta Hotels continues to undertake upgrading and renovation work at its various hotels in southern Africa, including Zimbabwe, recently completing project work at Cresta Churchill in Bulawayo and announcing project work for 2018 at Cresta Oasis and Apartments in Harare.

When it comes to hospitality in Zimbabwe, there are few operators with the experience and track record of Cresta Hotels.

The group runs five hotels across the country, and in the past five years, has undertaken a development and expansion programme to enable it not only continue as a major player in the travel and tourism sector, but also to enhance and increase the scope of that role.

Cresta CEO Glenn Stutchbury believes the future potential of the travel and tourism sector in Zimbabwe is enormous and, given recent events, could soon be realised.

"One of the benefits of the recent massive level of international publicity for Zimbabwe is that more people recognise and know the country than before, and if we can harness this understanding to promote travel here, then we will have done ourselves a major service, over and above the obvious positive outflows from the situation," he said.

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Source: allAfrica