Open Street: Shutting down Cape Town's busiest main roads

Cape Town's busiest main roads between Observatory and Cape Town will be shut down, come 01 October when the Open Streets initiative runs its biggest event to date. 

Closed to motorised vehicles, the main road will become an open space for pedestrians, cyclists, skateboarders, wheelchair users and other non-motorised transport users to move in safety.

The concept, which has already taken hold in over 400 cities worldwide was originated in Bogotá, Colombia, where it is known as “Ciclovía” and practised on Sundays and public holidays by approximately 2 million people on 120 kilometres of car-free streets. 

According to Open Street, this local non-profit organisation - in partnership with the Transport & Urban Development Authority of Cape Town - is currently looking to develop a model that will facilitate a long-term Open Streets programme across the city.

"Open Streets has gone from being an experiment to getting people excited about the potential for long-term impact on the city," says Open Streets co-founder, Marcela Guerrero Casas. 

Casas says the City’s Transport & Urban Development Authority (TDA) has reiterated its support and intention to scale up the programme, and the growing support from Capetonians is taking the movement forward.

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Source: News24