Cape Town Tourism eKasi Sessions engages communities to boost tourism SMEs

According to Enver Mally, chairperson of Cape Town Tourism, the road to inclusivity is a sensitive one. The "bull in a china shop" approach can announce your presence but it can also lead to lasting damage. “Our local communities are fed up of having organisations coming in and telling them what's best for them,” Mally said in an interview recently, “all agencies and organisations should be asking themselves, what can we learn from you, our communities, what do you want and need?” Engagement must follow a consultative process that begins with listening.

Cape Town Tourism has embarked on an ongoing engagement project dubbed the eKasi Sessions, an initiative that’s framed around engaging communities to explore tourism opportunities based on what’s already happening, what’s being done in other communities and what could potentially be done to encourage local tourism and boost local businesses.

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Source: BizCommunity