Africa offers mainland tourists cool vacation

Africa has become a new hot destination for Chinese tourists this summer, as the continent's cooler weather and more relaxed visa policies have boosted local tourism.

This summer, Chinese tourists who went to Kenya to watch the great migration of animals surged more than 100 percent over last summer, and those who traveled to Morocco soared more than 500 percent.

On average, Chinese tourists spend about 24,000 yuan ($3,597) on trips to South Africa and East Africa, and spend 15,000 yuan in North Africa, according to, China's largest online travel agency.

Because of the opposite seasons in the Southern Hemisphere, and the plateau topography of eastern and southern Africa, Kenya, South Africa, Mauritius and other African countries are experiencing one of their coolest seasons, with the highest daytime temperatures falling below 30 C, which is suitable for traveling.

With an enduring heat wave in many regions of China, a large number of Chinese tourists prefer to spend their vacation in these cooler places.

Meanwhile, African countries' relaxed visa policies for Chinese travelers have encouraged more people to travel to the continent. For instance, Mauritius, Tunisia and Morocco offer visa-free travel to Chinese passport holders, while Egypt and Tanzania have a visa-on-arrival policy.

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Source: China Daily