Supporting Sustainable Tourism Projects in Rwanda

Rwanda should be congratulated for increasing the price of its gorilla permits. Considering what the funds are used for, it’s a small price to pay in support of the country’s sustainable tourism projects. By Des Langkilde.

Rwanda is well-known for its mountain gorillas, with gorilla trekking being its main tourist attraction. This endangered species has made a significant contribution to the nation’s travel and tourism industry thanks to events such as the Kwita Izina gorilla naming ceremony and the conservation efforts of the Rwandan government, which seeks to ensure the safety and long-term sustainability of its gorilla population in order to maintain the constant flow of tourists to the country.

Overtourism – a phrase that refers to the negative impact that hosting too many tourists simultaneously can have on a destination’s natural assets – is a valid concern. Perhaps then it is understandable that as custodians, the Rwanda Development Board announced on 6 May 2017 that the price of gorilla permits will increase from US$ 750 to US$1,500 for all visitors with immediate effect. The price increase will not affect tourists who had already purchased their tickets prior to, or at the time of this announcement.

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Source: Tourism Tattler