South Africa: North West Tourism On Fifth Annual Inter Tourism Games

The North West Department of Tourism dominated the 5th Annual Inter Tourism games held over the Easter weekend in Maseru the capital of the mountain Kingdom of Lesotho. The provincial Department emerged as an overall winner of this year's Tourism games which were represented by tourism authorities from Botswana, South Africa, Swaziland and the host Lesotho.

The games were mainly aimed at sharing best practices and showcasing each of the four countries' potential in cementing existing and creating new partnerships among the SADC Countries in the tourism industry, while sharing ideas and programmes among different tourism authorities. The games also ensure that Cultural Exchange and social cohesion are maintained within the participating countries.

MEC for Tourism in the North West congratulated her Department and its sister wings the North West Tourism Board Agency for representing the province and the country with aplomb during the games. She said that through such games Tourism knows no boundaries thus contributing immensely to the economic chain of that particular country.

"We share same culture, we drink same water from Katse Dam and the Vaal, We share many other resources, including electricity, We have our own people living in those other SADC countries, and in that way it is clear that boarders are only a formality. My wish is for this games is to make a big impact in marketing and ensuring that the SADC region in particular Bokone Bophirma becomes a preferred tourism destination recognised throughout Africa and the world at large," said the elated Mohono.

Provincial Head of Department of Tourism Advocate Neo Sephoti emphasized the importance of such annual games when she said, bringing the countries together broadens minds as many get to learn a lot about different cultures and their practices and open doors for possible investors to endow and grow the tourism sorority as well as playing a significant role in allowing colleagues to network.

"We as North West Team Tourism are extremely honored to be hosted by Lesotho and participate in the 2017 Inter Tourism Games, networking with different individuals from miscellaneous milieu, adds value to our mandate of promoting our province and country to the world. We are not stopping here nor are we limiting our borders and we won't hesitate to sell Bokone Bophirima to the masses at any given time", she said.

Lesotho Tourism Development Corporation CEO Mpaiphele Maqutu echoed Adv Sephoti's sentiments, saying tourism should be treated as a powerful tool of enhancing each other's countries within the SADC region and that if the expanse stand together as one it will eventually cultivate into the best tourism destination in the world.

"Through these Inter Tourism Games we should be able to identify each other's country's strengths and use that to grow one another as an amalgamation, If a tourist from overseas lands in North West Province in South Africa to see the big five, the tour operators should also give that tourist further information that there is a lot to see in the SADC region in Lesotho, there is Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village and in Botswana you can also experience a nice gateway to Kasane, in that manner we will be able to grow one another's economy ", Maqutu said.

Team North West Tourism were the overall winners of the 2017 Inter Tourism Games, they won gold in Netball and Choral Competition while coming second in both Soccer and Volleyball. 2018 games will be held in Gaborone-Botswana.

Source: allAfrica