ExploreBusiness Travel 3 Ways new Tourism Minister Xasa wants to transform SA's 'tourism treasure chest'

Radical transformation and the 'opening of the treasure chest that is tourism' will be the main objective for SA's new Tourism Minister Tokozile Xasa, as outlined in her inaugural speech which took place at the Local Government Tourism Conference at Emperors Palace  on Monday, 3 April.

"Tourism is a half-exposed treasure chest," Xasa says. "The lid is half-opened and not many of our people can get to the jewels. If we all work together, we can prise that lid open, so that the benefits of tourism, and the natural and cultural heritage of our country, can be shared by all the people in our country."

Stepping into the role previous held by Derek Hanekom after President Jacob Zuma's controversial Cabinet reshuffle, Xasa called on industry leaders to take up the responsibility of opening tourism for all. "You give expression to the National Development Plan," she says, "the blueprint to addressing the triple challenges of unemployment, poverty and inequality – through Tourism".

Xasa outlined various ways in which tourism can be opened to all. 

Addressing Domestic Tourism Decline

Xasa acknowledged the alarming decline in domestic tourism, saying that "more work needs to be done to address this decline".

The utilisation and improvement of existing local government and municipal tourism facilities have long been a topic of discussion among tourism stakeholders in SA, who have urged tourism authorities on a national level to take action.

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Source: News 24