Zuma pegs tourism as key job driver for year ahead

South African President Jacob Zuma delivered his 10th State of the Nation Address (SONA), with chaotic scenes of opposition parties being physically removed by security guards underlining the many issues the country has to overcome in order to turn around its economy - See News24’s full coverage of the dramatic events here.

In 2016 SA faced a number of threats of rating downgrades, with Zuma’s SONA aiming to convince the nation that the economy will improve in 2017.

The South African economic outlook for 2017 is improving, said President Jacob Zuma, with an expected 1.3% growth rate in the coming year.

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Throughout the global and local turmoil in 2016, tourism has continue to be an economic driving force - with Zuma briefly acknowledging the role the industry has as a potential job creator for South Africa in his 9-point-plan address for the year ahead.

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Source: News24