Travel Megatrends 2017: The Fifties Are the New Target Demographic for Travel Brands

As with any demographic group, the Fifties are as much about a mindset as an age group. In this case, they’re the consumer group that has the technological savvy of the millennials, with the realities (read: employment, children in or out of the nest, and divorce) of the Baby Boomer generation.

These 52 or 59-year-olds seem much “younger” than their parents were at this stage because of medical advances, job hopping, and starting families later in life. A maturity with lots of youth thrown in, so to speak, and with that “youth” comes opportunities for brands that develop deep relationships that can last decades.

The Fifties don’t need a brand to introduce them to “experiences,” they just want the fastest way from the theme park to the local restaurant and on to their boutique/independent hotel or Airbnb. And, yes, they’ll most likely be taking an Uber XL rather than a Hertz rent-a-car (or even airport shuttle) to get there. They won’t be caught dead on a packaged tour, but in a pinch they respect the efficiencies of a fast, casual restaurant.

It’s often said that youth is wasted on the young, and modern travel illustrates that well. Because of employment patterns, Fifties have a level of choice that younger demos don’t, but they are also cautious with their spend because of family responsibilities and long-term goals.

Still, they are trip planning, not estate planning.

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Source: Skift