The time is now for remote Africa to take advantage of global travel trends

The global perception of Africa is changing, and this change in perception is led by destinations previously not thought of or avoided altogether. Countries like the Congo, Rwanda, and Malawi is making an impression for all the right reasons.

The number of international visitors travelling to these historically avoided or forgotten destinations in Africa has seen a steady increase since 2000. Malawi, for instance, has had their tourism numbers increase “by an average of 12 percent a year over a 10 year period” according to the Malawi Tourism Guide, while the Congo’s tourism increased six-fold in six years as reported by the World Tourism Organisation.

The reasons for avoiding certain destinations in Africa in the past are quite obvious: political unrest, lack of infrastructure and general safety levels being the first few to come to mind for the average traveller. However, the reasons for why these countries are now seeing a tourism boom is a much more nuanced topic and one that other countries in Africa and the world would do well to decode in order to achieve this level of growth in tourism. 

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Source: BizCommunity