Joint statement from Kenya Tourism Board & Kenya Tourism Federation - Update on Laikipia


Parts of Kenya are currently suffering from drought, causing pastoralist groups to make difficult decisions on where to graze.  In many cases, grazing assistance is being provided by large-scale ranches and Conservancies. In some pockets of Laikipia, desperate pastoralists have driven their livestock onto private land. 

As a consequence there have been some incidents of violence. These incidents have not been directly targeted at tourists.

The Kenya Tourism Board (KTB), the Kenya Tourism Federation (KTF), landowners, hotel owners and all other stakeholders, in the buoyant Laikipia economy met today to understand the situation and to work with the Government of Kenya to seek immediate solutions.  The Laikipia County Commissioner Onesmus Musyoka attended the meeting and briefed the stakeholders on the measures the government has put in place.

It was further agreed that whilst the majority of Laikipia remains largely unaffected, continued dialogue should be sustained with government, pastoralists and industry stakeholders.  

Laikipia County continues to offer a diverse range of tourism products and is one of the pioneers of community based tourism in Kenya