Google street view adds new #AfriTravel desitinations

Google Street View has added new destinations to its roster, allowing travelers to delve into some of Africa’s remarkable landmarks and sites in Uganda, Senegal, and Ghana from the comfort of their homes.

The new addition also takes viewers through natural and cultural sites in each destination, including sites like the UNESO World Heritage village of Nzulezo, which sits over a glistening lake and is made completely out of stilts and platforms.

Making its first foray into Uganda's capital city, Kampala. Google partnered with the Uganda Wildlife Authority to capture seven of the country's most iconic national parks, including Queen Elizabeth National Park - home to 10 different primate species and more than 600 bird species, and Lake Mburo National Park - known for its geological features that date back more than 500 million years and its wide variety of lakes to explore.

Source: Traveller24