WATCH: Matlabas River in Limpopo fills up after 'worst drought in years'

Following the worst drought in over a decade, South Africa's rivers are starting to flow again - much to the delight of everyone in the country.

While the Western Cape's water crisis still continues in anticipation of the winter rainfall, summer rainfall areas in the country have received much-needed rain since the start of the New Year. 

In Limpopo, recently, videographer Heinrich Stofberg managed to capture on camera the very moment the Matlabas River started to fill up. A trickle of water can be seen at first, bust soon the water starts getting more and more.

Stofberg posted the footage to Vimeo saying it shows how "life returns to Matlabas".

"After the worst drought this country has seen in many years, every drop of water is precious," he says. "Many rivers are nothing but dry sandy causeways crisscrossing through the landscape. The land is awaiting the return of the water with angst. And then, one day, the call is answered."

You can see the incredible footage here

Source: News24