Tourism Minister Dr. Walter Mzembi has a vision for African tourism and the world

He wants to become the new top executive, the new Secretary-General of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Competing with numerous candidates he is optimistic to be the new leader of World Tourism after the UNWTO General Assembly meets in September 2017 in China.

Zimbabwe's minister of Tourism and Hospitality, the Hon. Dr. Walter Mzembi has been working day and night for many months, trying to earn the trust, show the courage and knowledge to lead this top post. Even though for some time he was the only contender for Secretary General, he never missed a meeting or an opportunity to show up anywhere in the world to contribute his fresh global approach of thinking.

He is African, he thinks Africa should be leading the next UNWTO, but he certainly is a global citizen. His wife had been on his site everywhere.

She is a biologist and comes from a simple family in Cuba. Mzembi's children speak English and Spanish fluently in addition to local languages.

Dr. Mzembi knows very well the challenges his country, Zimbabwe has in the world.

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Source: eTurboNews