SAT Strengthens Ties With Nigeria To Boost Tourism

South African Tourism (SAT) has described its recent visit to Nigeria as a new engagement between the two countries in order to boost tourism development, saying it was an opportunity to work together with Nigeria and other African countries, through its new designed platform.

Speaking in Lagos, chief executive officer, CEO SAT, Mr Sisa Ntshona,  said the visit was to create a forum to  bring all key players through the innovative platform as well as to be part of the development growth of Nigeria. He added that it was also a way to show their commitment, enthusiasm to work together as a team.
According to him, “We are here to build a durable partnership with the new platform that will enhance the collaboration and cooperation that must exist between Nigeria, South Africa and all other countries. We want to do more with Lagos.”

Speaking further, Ntshona said he was in Nigeria to make sure they understand each other, appreciate each other’s culture, challenges and opportunities. Other reasons Ntshona pointed out was to ensure that the sector grows, thereby increase employment, adding “our partnership with Nigeria is a relationship based on progress and mutual benefits.”

Ntshona, who observed that Africa is one country because many Americans think Africa is one said, “We want collaboration despite the challenges, we want to embrace a new beginning that would launch us forward.
“Challenges would only make us stronger while problems help us find solution for the future that would benefit Nigeria and South Africa in particular because these are the two drivers that must make sure the continent is protected. So, those positive outcomes can come from the continent, and actually make it what we’ve always wanted it to become.”

The SAT boss said tourism was one of the key drivers of the economy in Africa and perhaps, the world, stressing that “this platform is created so that everyone from Africa can come into one space and as one country to make sure they put our best to market Africa together and to sell Africa to other continents before we sell our individual countries.”

Source: Leadership Nigeria

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