RwandAir Acquires Africa's First Boeing 737 Next Gen

RwandAir has acquired Africa's first Boeing 737-800 Next Generation that the national flag carrier hopes will boost its capacity and competitiveness around the globe.

The brand new aircraft, given the local monicker 'Kalisimbi,' touched down at Kigali International Airport at 4pm, yesterday.

RwandAir becomes the first airline in Africa and second globally to acquire a Boeing 737-800NG equipped with in-flight connectivity on a line-fit programme, including WiFi.

The 154-seater aircraft is a dual- class cabin configuration and identical to the two Boeing 737-800NG with the first Boeing Sky Interior in Africa purchased six years ago.

The brand new aircraft is expected to facilitate the airline's expansion drive.

Toward expansion

The 737 delivers the superior reliability, fuel efficiency and high-value returns operators require in competitive market.

The aircraft's exceptional versatility and lower maintenance and operating costs provide a competitive edge regardless of business model or market, officials said.

The plane is expected to enhance RwandAir's capacity to compete profitably in what has become rather a competitive business, John Mirenge, the Airline's chief executive, said.

These and its design of newest passenger cabin to ensure a flying experience that exceeds expectations, Mirenge added.

This particular acquisition, according to Dr Alexis Nzahabwanimana, the state minister for transport, will help RwandAir expand its flight coverage to both Europe, Asia and the US more efficiently.

He said the Government identified aviation as a key pillar of Rwanda's economic development.

"With the latest acquisition, the airline's role in boosting trade and tourism will be enhanced," said Dr Nzahabwanimana.

He added that the value of RwandAir should not be perceived in terms of ticket sales but rather as an economic enabler of Rwanda's economic development.

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Source: allAfrica