LCCI seeks new Ministry of Aviation and Tourism

The Lagos Chamber of Commerce & Industry (LCCI) has called on the Federal Government to emplace a new Ministry of Aviation and Tourism.

LCCI made the call in a communiqué issued by the Chamber and signed by its Vice President/ Chairman, Trade Promotion Board, at the end of their International Investment Conference in Lagos. Said the communiqué: ‘“Government should consider the option of forming a new Ministry of Aviation and Tourism, as has been successfully done by some countries in Africa and the Middle East with remarkable success.” According to the document, the conference noted that tourism in Nigeria was grossly underdeveloped as a result of which it has not technically achieved the status of an industry in Nigeria, which accounts for the minimal contribution it makes to the gross domestic product (GDP). ­ ­ Some of the major reasons for this include lip service to the development of the tourism sector, poor infrastructure and poor consular procedures and visa policy.

“While commending government for the ongoing major construction of new terminal buildings at our international airports as well as the current realization of the imperative to using concessionaires to manage our international airports, there is still the urgent need to emphasize huge investment in and overall improvement of our national  transport infrastructure – as a nation is only as advanced as its transport infrastructure – and a more flexible and competitive visa regime to occasion a significant improvement in the volume of tourist arrivals in Nigeria in the foreseeable future.

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Source: Vanguard