Atta Africa Financial Update

Executive summary:Trump and the continent.

The President-Elect’s campaign barely touched on the great continent of Africa but Trump's isolationist rhetoric and latent desire for autarky is cause for some concern that Africa could receive less attention in a geopolitical sense (at least he has not yet referred to Africa as a single nation like his republican predecessor did). The choice of ambassadors for African states may be a crucial signal for the region’s relationship with Trump’s administration - risks include diminishing aid or a diplomatic vacuum.

Trump’s summary dismissal of just about any agreement he was not personally involved in as a “terrible deal” could also apply to the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA) - a trade agreement which provides some benefits to many sub-Saharan countries (albeit not perfectly).

Fact: Trump is germophobic and avoids shaking hands

Fusion capital to fund Greenwood City privately

  • Fusion Capital recently launched the first D-REIT in Kenya looking to raise KES2.3billion (US$22.6m) for the development of Greenwood city, a mixed use development in Meru County
  • Fusion Capital is a private equity firm and real estate developer designed around the needs of local businesses in the emerging economies of Africa, having it’s presence in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda

African Rainbow Capital to acquire a 49% holding in Sinayo Securities

  • Sinayo Securities is a majority black women owned equity sales and trading business based in South Africa
  • African Rainbow Capital is a financial services and private equity investment firm set up by Patrice Motsepe