Atta24 Crisis Call

Our Atta24 Crisis Call is a critical incident management service made available to Atta members by SATIB Insurance Brokers. SATIB’s incident management team have been re-writing the way incidents are managed in Africa for almost a decade.

Atta24 Crisis Callforms an integral part of our risk management strategy for African operators and can (and indeed SHOULD) be coupled with medical emergency evacuation policies that can cover guests, staff or both. In an exclusive agreement with SATIB, Atta members will have access to the SATIB24 Crisis Call team in the immediate phase following an incident to ensure the Incident Action Plan is correctly set up with your team.

Critical incidents impose a threat of loss – something bad happening that may cost life, limb, and money, loss of reputation, property or asset damage or business interruption. Management of these situations by our specialist team minimise the loss and maximises the outcome. The field of litigation has changed drastically with liability becoming an onerous threat to all operators and for this reason we offer additional support by taking the load off your shoulders by managing the incidents and controlling exposure.



·        One number access for crisis help 24/7/365

·        Telemedical consultations

·        Creating an Incident Action Plan (IAP)

·        Guidance on proposed implementation of the IAP

Excluded (but immediately available should incident be complex enough to require it):

  • Remote management of rescue and medical staff
  • Incident notification to all stakeholders
  • Facilitate consultation with subject matter experts e.g. snake bites, kidnap and ransom
  • Hospital referrals for admissions
  • Medical evacuations
  • Post traumatic assessment and counselling
  • Media management
  • Legal liability management
  • Facilitating and obtaining payment from insurers

To ensure the best outcome in the event of an incident many things need to be done concurrently and unless coordinated by a trained individual with access to the best and most appropriate resources, things can go horribly wrong. Incident managed by an experienced team

Type of incidents that we handle:

  • Medical emergencies- illness or onset of potentially serious symptoms
  • Trauma and accidents
  • Exposure to blood, poisons or other hazardous materials
  • Assault, rape, kidnap or other crime
  • Psychologically traumatic events
  • Fire or other natural disaster

For more detail on Atta24 Crisis Call contact André du Toit directly. For those attending he will be at the MKTE 2017 at the SATIB stand.  


T- +27 (0) 82 446 1697