Asia dominates Zimbabwe tourism industry

In the initial half of 2016, the tourism industry of Zimbabwe witnessed a 48% rise in tourist arrivals from Asia. And, Japan is one of the countries from Asia that comprises a major chunk of the tourist visits to Zimbabwe, as revealed by ZTA or Zimbabwe Tourism Authority.

The official statistics state that the country recorded about 22,195 tourist arrivals from Asia between January and June this year, marking an increase from 14,999 arrivals in the same period last year.

This was mainly because there was strong performance by South Korea (that accounted for 179% of tourist arrivals), Japan (79%) and China (32%) in Zimbabwe.

Walter Mzembi, minister of tourism and hospitality industry of Zimbabwe said that the government has been planning to leverage the overwhelming increase in Chinese outbound tourists. The number of Chinese outbound tourists is expected to rise to about 600 million by the year 2020 from the present 240 million. He said that the government of Zimbabwe is making efforts to get ready for that kind of incursion from China.

Mzembi said that at present, the country has been welcoming about 5,000 Chinese tourists and the government I trying its level best to make the tourist locales Chinese friendly with a view to attract more Chinese tourists.

Meanwhile, the ZTA is getting all geared up to lead a delegation that would enable it to participate in the biggest tourism fair of Asia this year known as the International Tourism Bourse Asia.

Source: Herald