Announcement from Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO)

11 October, 2016

The Ethiopian Tourism Organization (ETO) presents its compliments and highest appreciation to all tourism stakeholders in Ethiopia and worldwide, and wishes to clarify the context of the recent emergency proclamation that was issued by the Ethiopian Government on October 8, 2016.

Some of our valued stakeholders have asked us to explain the possible impact of this short-term proclamation on their travel plans to Ethiopia. Accordingly, the ETO would like to inform all concerned travellers that the purpose of this proclamation is to align and coordinate various initiatives that will allow the Ethiopian Government to increase safety measures in the Regional States, in light of the protests that prevailed in some parts of the country.

These measures do not constitute any kind of obstacle to the daily lives of Ethiopian citizens, or visitors traveling to our country and do not contain any limitations to international tourism and aviation traffic.

All Ethiopian Airlines domestic and international flights including those flights operated by other Airlines are safely and securely operating as per the schedule. Road transport is also regularly operating in all corners of the country.

The Ethiopian Tourism Organization invites leisure travellers and/or business groups to book their trip to Ethiopia with confidence. As always in the past, our guests’ safety and security is our first priority. We would like to assure all stakeholders that our tourism destination sites across Ethiopia remain safe and open to travellers.