RwandAir to take delivery of four new planes over next ten months

According to the latest information received from Kigali, three of the four new aircraft presently on order by RwandAir will be delivered before the end of this year.

The first of two Airbus A330s will join the fleet in September, with the date still to be confirmed, while another Boeing B737-800NG will follow in October, bringing the number of aircraft operated to 10 - the first time RwandAir's fleet to go double digit.

The second Airbus A330 is expected to arrive to Kigali in December this year, allowing for the launch of the long anticipated flights to Mumbai and on to Guangzhou. This aircraft is a larger A330-300, while the September delivery will be an A330-200 type.

In May of next year another Boeing B737-800NG is due for delivery, bringing the fleet size to 12 overall.

This will include two Bombardier Q400NG, two Bombardier CRJ900, two Boeing B737-700NG, four Boeing B737-800NG and two Airbus A330.

To cater for the increase in the number of aircraft and the anticipated additional destinations, RwandAir has also accelerated their training of new and existing staff, with the selected flight attendants now getting ready to be type-certified on the Airbus A330, while fresh recruitments are undergoing the basic training as cabin crew.

RwandAir has also stepped up the training of maintenance personnel with the first ever Rwandan - Jimmy Sekizinduka recently qualifying as a certified engineer for the Bombardier CRJ900NG. According to additional information received, RwandAir will apply to the Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority to be licenced to carry out its own maintenance work on the CRJ's in Kigali. This is aimed at reducing aircraft downtime and saving the cost of ferry flights to approved Aircraft Maintenance Organizations in other parts of Africa.

RwandAir has also confirmed earlier today that it will resume flights to Juba out of Kigali and Entebbe on Wednesday, July 20, after concluding that air traffic to and from the airport of South Sudan's capital is safe again.

Source: eTN