Industry needs to entice new guides

Lack of continuity and security are the reasons few young people choose to enter the guiding profession, Jenny Briscoe, Satsa Exco member and MD of Gold Reef Guides, told delegates at the Satsa conference last week.

Linda Pampallis, CEO of Thompsons Africa, said guiding should be spoken about as if it was a career one could aspire to. André du Toit, Director of Satib Insurance Brokers, added that guiding was the best way to transform the industry. “It’s not an attractive career and we need to make it that.”

Martin Wiest, MD of Tourvest Destination Management, said there were not enough guides to cope with the expectation of increased international arrivals. He said Tourvest had not received many responses when it offered to train language guides in South Africa. “If we want to grow the industry, we need to entice guides.”

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Source: TU