EU Lifts Aviation Ban on all Aircrafts Registered in Zambia

The European Commission has announced the lifting of its suspension of Zambian registered aircrafts from entering the European skies.

According to the updated the EU Air Safety List, Zambia is one of the countries that have been removed from the list of airlines that do not meet international safety standards, and are therefore subject to an operating ban or operational restrictions within the European Union.

Following an update, all airlines certified in Zambia are cleared from the list, along with Air Madagascar and three airlines certified in Indonesia namely Citilink, Lion Air and Batik Air.

In 2009, the EU banned all Zambian registered aircrafts from entering the European air space on safety grounds.

The EU Air Safety List seeks to ensure the highest level of air safety for European citizens, which is a top priority of the Aviation Strategy adopted in December 2015.

The EU Air Safety List is one of the Union’s main instruments to meet that objective.

EU Commissioner for Transport Violeta Bulc said, “aviation safety is my top priority and today’s update illustrates our continuous efforts to offer the highest level of air safety to European citizens. I am happy to say that after seven years of work and extensive European technical assistance, we were able to clear all Zambian air carriers from the list. Following my visit to Iran in April, a technical assessment was successfully carried out in May. Based on this I am happy to announce that we are now also able to allow most aircraft from Iran Air back into European skies.”

Following the update, a total of 216 airlines are banned from EU skies and 214 airlines certified in 19 states due to a lack of safety oversight by the aviation authorities from these states.