Atta CEO: What’s next after Brexit?

A recent article by Atta CEO Nigel Vere Nicoll in Tourism Update:

I write this article just five days after the Brexit vote, following a torrent of negative and divisive emails from friend and foe. And it’s got worse – England knocked out of the Euros by Iceland, a country with a third of the population of Swaziland! No Europe, no prime minister and no football. “Woe, woe and thrice woe!” 

As many of you know, Atta is based in London and I can report that the vote to leave Europe has left us reeling from uncertainty. For many years I have watched African countries tear themselves apart after elections, smug in the knowledge that it could never happen here under the watchful eye of Big Ben. But it has, with families divided down the middle. In many cases our young voted to stay and the older, more cynical, to leave. But let’s forget all the razzmatazz about immigration and national sovereignty. Yes, it was partly about that, and indeed over 17 million voted to leave the European Union. But I am not so sure that is the whole story. I suspect if there was another vote, and there will not be, it would go the other way. ‘Remain’ would win as I believe that at least 20% only voted ‘out’ in protest against the status quo. We are, in truth, a nation deeply divided, a total misconnect between the impoverished north and the rich south with a deep mistrust of the upper class in Armani suits running our country. Until that fault is recognised by our London-based rulers, we will get nowhere. We now need a strong leader, socially acceptable to all classes, who can unite our island from north to south and move forward, a cry that has rebounded across many African countries after so many divisive elections...

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