Celebrating Attenborough at 90

For anyone who has seen the clip of Sir David Attenborough's encounter with the blind, orphaned black rhino Nicky, on Lewa Wildlife Conservancy in 2013, it is no surprise that Attenborough chose this "enchanting" moment as one of the highlights of his career. 

Tusk's Director of Programmes, Sarah Watson, who raised Nicky with the Lewa team, recently flew to London to be a part of the BBC-produced 'Celebrating Attenborough at 90' to discuss, in addition to the captivating encounter, the future of conservation in Africa.

The celebratory season produced by BBC, which lets us relive this legendary man's fascinating journey, will kick off with a show that sees Attenborough joined by colleagues and friends, including Michael Palin and Chris Packham along with Sarah, to share stories of some of the unforgettable moments from his extraordinary career. Tune in on Sunday 8th May on BBC One at 7pm.