Annular solar eclipse observed from Africa

From the end of August to the first days of September of this year, tourists and holidaymakers visiting Tanzania will get a unique chance to observe and enjoy the annular eclipse of the sun, a natural phenomenon that will cut across the southern parts of Africa.

Katavi National Park, located in southern highlands of Tanzania, will be the most perfect place in the world that tourists and holidaymakers may enjoy viewing the annular solar eclipse in the form of a big ring of fire.

From August 27 to September 3, visitors to Africa will get a unique chance to view and observe this wonder of nature - an annular solar eclipse whose shadow will cut across the African sky, starting from the Atlantic Ocean to the west, moving across Gabon, Congo, Tanzania, Mozambique, and Madagascar, and then out into the Indian Ocean.

The eclipse will be at its best and longest position in the southern highlands and western parts of Tanzania, rich in wildlife and other attractions.

Katavi National Park is the best place where visitors can see the eclipse in the form of a ring with total darkness. Ruaha National Park is the other tourist paradise in the southern highlands of Tanzania where holidaymakers can view the eclipse.

“Famous for its ‘big skies’ which are typically perfectly clear, Tanzania already provides the perfect setting,” Rosemary Sloggett, Managing Director of The Independent Traveller, specialists in astronomy tours, is noted for having described it in this way.

Only parts of Tanzania will be able to view the eclipse in full, but the real magic of the ring of fire, or annular eclipse, will happen on a curving path between the Mlala Hills near Katavi National Park on the east side of Lake Tanganyika, then extend over the Kipengere Ranges on the north of Lake Nyasa.

Tourists visiting Ruaha and Selous wildlife parks, both famous tourist attractions in Africa, and other tourist sites in the southern and western parts of Tanzania will also enjoy viewing the annular eclipse at its very best.

Source: eTN