The Top 10 Countries where most of SA's tourists come from

In 2015, the Department of Home Affairs' 2015 Tourism report found the total number of foreign travellers who visited South Africa from African and other overseas countries, arriving through all ports of entry during 2015, amounted to 15 051 826!

That's a lot of people, generating a massive chunk of income for South Africans and creating thousands of job opportunities for locals. 

Over the past year, mainly due to confusing visa regulations in SA, there was an overall drop of 6.8% in SA Tourism. Nonetheless, an influx of visitors from the UK and China was still detected. 

The ten leading countries for overseas tourists, plus the number of tourist, in 2015 were:

United Kingdom - 407 486 
United States of America - 297 226  
Germany - 256 646 
France - 128 438 
Netherlands - 121 883
Australia - 99 205  
China - 84 691  
India - 78 385 
Canada - 56 224  
Italy - 52 377  

A comparison of the 2015 volumes with the 2014 volumes indicates that the number of tourists decreased in all the leading overseas countries with the exception of the UK and China. Australia had the largest decrease of 10,8% while China had the largest increase of 2,2%. 

The latter increase is a major market increase for South Africa. Last week, Minister of Tourism Derek Hanekom has completed a three-day working visit to China to address concerns that could hinder growth from the top global source of tourists.

After the visit, Hanekom said that South Africa should expect a tourism boom China. Not only will this mean many new business opportunities with the Asian market, but also direct capital injected into the SA tourism industry. 

Chinese tourists love travelling and they love spending money while doing so.

According to the United Nations World Tourism Organization, Chinese tourists have overtaken their German counterparts to become the highest holiday spenders in the world.

Source: Traveller24