Survey: Agents ‘better’ than social media

A survey reveals that travellers still put their trust in travel agents when planning holiday choices.

UK holidaymakers in 2015 relied on travel agents for planning and inspiring their holiday choices more than social media, resort websites and online travel providers, research has shown.

A study undertaken by consultancy BDRC Continental revealed that British travellers prefer consulting face-to-face when considering a vacation – with high-street agents ranking fourth in a list of 20 methods.

Of the 1,004 people questioned, 27% said agents were the best port of call during the early stages of selecting their getaways – beating digital platforms including friends’ social media posts, a resort or tourist board’s website and OTAs.

According to research director Jon Young, the trend highlights the reputation of agents. “It’s about trust and people want to speak face-to-face. Travel agents can offer that reassurance to customers and travellers feel that they help to cut out risk by discussing different options rather than having to organise everything on their own.”

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