Promoting Kenya tourism with 'Virtual Reality' in Italy

Tourism Minister Hon. Najib Balala has inaugurated "Safari in the city" Kenya promotion at Piazza Castello near the Milan Cathedral.

Thanks to the modern miracle of virtual reality graphics the whole city of Milan was transformed into a "virtual savannah": there was a safari jeep taking passers – by, tour operators and journalists on a "game drive" to enjoy the beauties of Kenya.

The safari vehicles had installed television screens showing the magnificent game parks of Kenya with its entire magical fauna so that everybody could enjoy a virtual magical moment.

There was even an expert tour guide, Davide Bomben, to talk everything through.

This is the first of the many new initiatives to re-launch Kenya into the Italian market, sponsored by the Kenya Tourist Board and headed by the recently nominated Jacinta Nzioka.

In the next few days a new campaign will start on the Italian TV channels: "Live Africa, discover Kenya".

Later Hon. Balala met up with Tour Operators, then representatives from various companies and associations and finally with journalists.

A whirlwind day and at which during a press conference he portrayed confidence and launched Italian tourism in Kenya.

Source: Coastalweek