East Launches First Travel Document

Tanzania’s President John Magufuli will be joining his four counterparts from Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi in launching the first community travel document.

The new digitalised and machine - readable East African Passport replaces the old EAC travel document, which was restricted to just the five member states. The proposed new one is going to be as international as the current Tanzanian booklet passport, which means it will be accepted all over the globe.

The five presidents, including for the first time at the summit, Dr John Magufuli, will have several items on the agenda, including the launching of the new electronic East African Passport and discussion of the possibilities of adding new members, including South-Sudan into the Arusha-based, community.

The Summit will also address the consideration of reports by the preceding EAC Council of Ministers on: the negotiations on the admission of the Republic of South Sudan into the Community.