Comair announces new route set to boost SA tourism

British Airways Comair has announced the acquisition of a new 737-800 Boeing, worth $47 million, which will allow South Africans to travel directly to the island of St Helena. With the introduction of this new route, people travelling to the island will have to go via South Africa, which is expected to boost tourism in the country.

Comair says while it is an unusual route, it will be beneficial to South Africa: “Everyone who wants to go to St Helena will have to go through South Africa and hopefully it will get more people to actually come to South Africa as part of their trip to St Helena.”

Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom says the expansion of routes by the Comair will allow healthy competition between airlines.

“It is in our country’s interest and in the interest of tourism that we have more routes provided by the airlines. The more airlines are operating, the more competitive it becomes and that’s good for the consumer and good for the traveller.”

Source: EWN