Atta Nordics Roadshow Feb 2016 - Report

Africa Showcase roadshow in the Nordics is a partnership between Atta, On Show Solutions and Atta’s Nordic Representative Eva Stenmarck which, in its second year, took place at the end of February just before ITB Berlin. Once again the event has been well received by the buyers in the Nordic region and have heard phenomenal feedback on the organisation and quality of companies on show. The attendees appreciate meeting both familiar faces and ‘new’ product offerings, which helps the operators and agents to sell our destination with more passion and professionalism. In this developed market, it is encouraging to see so many African specialists coming together.

Atta’s Nordic representative Eva Stenmarck is instrumental in delivering a strong showcase. Buyers are carefully selected and pre-qualified to ensure that the match has potential. With speed dating, you don’t expect to fall in love with everyone. Similarly this speed marketing format gives you exposure to a broad spectrum of the market allowing you to quickly identify who is right for your product.

The representatives from Kenya Airways and South African Airways were also present and offered their guidance on this market that they know so well.

Market Overview

With a combined population of ±25 million inhabitants the Nordics region is a highly important market for outbound travel, making it the third largest outbound market in Europe. The travel industry in Sweden and Denmark are currently more positive compared to Finland and Norway for the immediate future. A relatively stable economy in the Nordic region, yields a high number of travellers who traditionally enjoy longer holidays, multi-generational travel and repeat visits.

Travel to Kenya and Tanzania seems to be much more appealing now, and with continued calm in the region, we hope that this develops further. There is certainly interest in Southern Africa with potential for Botswana, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Zambia to grow their market share. The South African Tourism presentations in each city were well attended and buyers were able to get the latest updates on the destination. The travel trade is also getting a better understanding of the ease of combining their South Africa visit with neighbouring countries which boosts overall sales to Africa. There is an opportunity for more destinations to leverage off these events in the future.

The week started off in OSLO, Norway, amidst much enthusiasm from the Norwegian attendees. Despite the recent challenges that Norway is facing with the oil industry, companies offering something unique, adventurous or exotic were well received. The Norwegian market seems to be looking more at 4 star accommodation than previously when it was predominantly 5 star focused.

On to STOCKHOLM… Sweden’s financial situation is very strong – one of the strongest in the world. The attendees were more serious at this event and we noticed a high level of business discussions taking place.

Our finale at the Radisson Blu in COPENHAGEN, Denmark, was an enjoyable end to the week. Attendance numbers were lower, yet it was great to see the engagement between exhibitors and buyers. Denmark’s economy has recovered and they are doing well. This event was particularly diverse with buyers attending from southern Sweden and Finland.

Finnish Buyers

This year South African Tourism hosted key buyers from Helsinki Finland, which enabled us to offer a truly Nordic experience. These buyers joined us in Stockholm and Copenhagen.

The buyers were pleased to have this opportunity to attend the showcase and to meet all our exhibitors. We hope that this additional exposure in the Finnish market benefits your business. There is certainly scope to grow the hosted buyer program from Finland.


We reversed the direction of the showcase this year, giving Oslo our first burst of energy and ending in Copenhagen on a serious and productive note. The attendees appreciated having food and wine served on arrival; after a long day in the office this ensured that everyone was cheerful and able to concentrate on all the presentations.

The welcome consisted of presentations from Atta and our partner airlines followed by a teaser on Africa as a destination and an introduction to all the exhibitors. We find that this video is always an emotive way to sell our destination and get the buyers excited.

The product rotation – with exhibitors moving around the room and guests remaining seated – is a novelty in the Nordics. We understand that it is challenging for you, our exhibitors, yet this way we ensure that everyone meets within the limited meeting time.

A reminder that Atta members benefit from a special discount on any roadshows run by our partners On Show Solutions.