Wild dogs released to the plains of the Serengeti

Attractive for their hunting skills, the African wild dogs are one of the most beautiful, yet endangered carnivore species in Tanzania, and Africa facing a great risk to disappear.

Efforts to conserve this species of wild, hunting dogs had brought new hopes in Tanzania when packs comprised of over a dozen dogs each were released to the Serengeti National Park plains after a successful project to conserve this species proved a great success to save their lives from local communities which hunted them to protect their livestock.

A pack of 17 wild dogs was recently released to the Serengeti plains from the Serengeti Wild Dog Conservation Project, a special sanctuary established to collect and breed the wild dogs as a nursery for translocation in the Serengeti.

The dogs were released to the park a few days ago to start their new, natural life inside the wider plains of the Serengeti and where tourists from all corners of the world will get a chance to observe the wild dogs’ hunting skills, an attractive natural phenomenon.

Tanzanian Minister for Natural Resources and Tourism, Prof. Jumanne Maghembe opened the gates for the wild dogs to leave their human-made sanctuary and go live in their natural habitat within the Serengeti National Park.

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Source: eTN